Eagle Camera

About our Eagles

Bald eagles have resided on the Marco Island Nature Preserve property since the 1970’s. The Preserve’s current resident eagles were named Paleo and Calusa by the Tommie Barfield Elementary 2011 fifth grade class.

In February of 2018 we lost Paleo in a flying accident and within weeks a new eagle appeared, so we had a new pair to continue our legacy of the nest. We look forward to many more nesting seasons which run from October to May.

The bald eagle, a state and federally protected species, holds a special status of prominence as America’s symbol for freedom and strength. The bald eagle also holds symbolic significance in our community as the City uses the eagle on its logo and signs. The Marco Island Charter Middle School’s mascot is also the bald eagle.

We need your help!

Now that our camera is up and running it is important to continue our fundraising activity to cover the ongoing expenses for the activity. We have three major costs associated with the service; broadband which is provided by EarthCam Inc., our internet connection, and technical support for our system. Please contribute by clicking on the DONATE button and help us provide this amazing connection from our nest to all who love to follow the American Bald Eagle and their natural habitat.

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