Capital Campaign

We have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on our natural environment by preserving and protecting the last remaining tract of undeveloped land on Marco Island. Our native natural landscape is part of our history. We must be diligent to ensure that it remains part of our future.

With each passing year wild spaces continue to disappear due to commercial and residential development. Florida’s massive population growth and booming tourism industry have compromised many natural areas across the state. Estimates suggest Florida could lose an additional seven million acres of rural and natural lands to urban uses within the next 50 years.

Our intent is to create a unique nature preserve and bird sanctuary that will promote a healthy respect of the natural world around us through education and observation.

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  1. Larry Miller

    I have recently moved to Marco from Illinois where I held several raptor permits for falconry and breeding. I would like to establish a volunteer status with your organization. Unfortunately we will be leaving for visits next week. Perhaps we could talk before I leave?
    Larry Miller

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