The Learning Center

Since July of 2010 the Marco Eagle Sanctuary Foundation has been dedicated to the preservation of this property that serves as the home for a pair of American Bald Eagles and other wildlife. Our long term plan to preserve this property has resulted in the creation of the Marco Island Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary project.

A major part of our plan is the learning center at the Preserve and the coordination with the Collier County School District and local environmental organizations in educating our school age children about the importance of the wildlife and their habitat.

The learning center will be equipped with state of the art technology that will provide interactive learning experiences on site, as well as the ability for offsite school classroom access. This will give all students from far and wide a way to share in the Preserve experience even if they cannot make the trip to the Preserve.

As part of our educational plan we will offer students from all of the Collier County School District an opportunity to create activity areas within the Nature Preserve where they can interact by planting projects, studying Florida native plants and trees, and how wildlife will thrive if the eco system is protected. We will provide an opportunity for the individual schools to submit a project idea in which their students would be interested in participating at the preserve. Each year these projects will be considered and six will be selected and funded by the Marco Eagle Sanctuary Foundation. The students and their teachers could then work with our Education Coordinator, Environmental Specialist, and the Nature Preserve Docent to plan and execute their project.

The Marco Eagle Sanctuary Foundation is dedicated through the Nature Preserve project to educating the public and especially the younger generations how important it is to live in harmony with nature even in an urban setting.